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12th Sep 2024


CFO Techstack is excited to be hosting Stacked, Xerocon for in-house finance teams.

Join us on Thursday 12th September 2024 at St Mary’s, Marylebone, for a day filled with limitless value…

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CFO Techstack's In-Person Conference for Trailblazing Finance Leaders

At CFO Techstack, our mission is to forge a vibrant community of pioneering finance leaders who thrive on collaboration and innovation. Recognising the unique challenges of in-house roles, we've established Stacked—our annual conference designed to break down silos and foster meaningful connections among finance professionals. Our goal is to empower you with the latest insights, strategies and technological advancements tailored to finance operations.

By participating, you'll engage in enriching dialogues, exchange practical advice and discover cutting-edge tools to elevate your work. Join Stacked to ignite your passion, expand your knowledge and return to your desk revitalised and equipped to drive success.

One Day, Limitless Value

Tailored Content for In-House Finance Teams: Delve into talks and discussions meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges and pain points faced by in-house finance teams. From practical strategies to cutting-edge trends, empower yourself with knowledge and insights that can drive tangible improvements within your organisation. Additionally, seize the chance to actively participate and shape the discourse, ensuring that your perspectives and priorities are heard and addressed.

Networking Opportunities: Engage with a vibrant community of fellow in-house finance leaders. Share insights, exchange ideas and establish valuable connections that can support your professional growth and development.

Direct Access to Apps and Exclusive Offers: Interact with a diverse range of exhibitors showcasing innovative apps and products tailored to enhance your finance operations. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions, explore solutions, and gain valuable insights directly from industry experts. Plus, enjoy special access to discounts and offers from these apps, available only to conference attendees.

Say Hello To Our Speakers

We couldn't be more excited about our lineup. Which talks will you be checking out?


Take a look at the exciting agenda we have planned for you.

09:00 AM

Arrivals, time with exhibitors

CFO Techstack

10:00 AM

Welcome to Stacked

David Tuck

David Tuck

10:15 AM

Vision to Victory: Inspirational CFO Journeys

Corinne Thompson Tyler Caskey Francois Callens

Tyler Caskey, Francois Callens & Corinne Thompson

10:45 AM

Trailblazer Tales: Scaling With Xero Stories

Harriet Hope Cathy Collins

Cathy Collins & Harriet Hope

11:30 AM

Optimise Your Finance Tech Stack: Insider Strategies from Tech Stack Advisors

Hilary Dyson Matt Flanagan Ryan Pearcy

Matt Flanagan & Hilary Dyson

12:00 PM

Lunch break, time with exhibitors

CFO Techstack

01:15 PM

Welcome back, featuring a keynote speaker from our Sole Accounting Platform Sponsor

CFO Techstack

01:30 PM

How Finance Teams Can Leverage AI

Stephen Edginton James Scott-Griffin

Stephen Edginton & James Scott-Griffin

02:00 PM

Decoding Stakeholder Needs and Demystifying Finance: How Finance Professionals Can Be Strategic Business Partners

Christian Owens Sophie Conaghan Phillip Chambers

Sophie Conaghan, Christian Owens & Phillip Chambers

02:30 PM

Break, time with exhibitors

CFO Techstack

03:00 PM

Charting a Successful Career Trajectory

Catherine Marks Andrew Waters Francois Callens

Francois Callens, Catherine Marks & Andrew Waters

03:30 PM

Selling the Stack

Tyler Caskey

Tyler Caskey

04:00 PM

The CFO Techstack Awards

David Tuck

David Tuck

04:45 PM

Closing remarks

David Tuck

David Tuck

05:00 PM

End of event

CFO Techstack